Choosing A Medical Marketing Agency

The best thing you can do is start by finding the right agency now. Think about what your practice needs and invoke the power of foresight! Being in front of the growth curve is the best thing you can do.

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to know that selecting an agency and inciting the initial creative ramp-up takes time. Inevitably, there will be some false starts as reality intrudes before traction sets in. There are many things to consider for before you hire—and no one benefits when energy and resources are sapped into doing catch up work.

Take a look at what to look for when hiring an agency.

Hire an agency that is a good cultural fit. 

The culture of an agency will provide valuable insight into the kind of relationship you’re likely to have with them. There’s no secret formula for this, but pay attention to how it feels. Our experience has taught us that chemistry matters. The mark of a good professional relationship is oftentimes evident from the beginning. Think about how the agency’s vision and values align with your own. Are they forwardlooking, collaborative, innovative, and edgy? Are they technical, results-based, and conservative? Can you detect pride in their achievements or passion for what they do?

Hire an agency that will suit your future needs.

Most agencies have a primary strength or skill set. Make sure you select the agency whose foremost aptitudes match your most important service needs. Hiring an agency with a clear talent for Graphic Design may not be the best if your focus is Digital Marketing. Beyond what’s at the forefront, agencies usually have a rag-bag set of overlapping capabilities. They include Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, Digital Advertising, SEO, PPC, Inbound Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, Reputation Management, Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Branding, Content Writing, Video Production, and the like. If you’re not sure where to start, many agencies offer free consultations. Allow the agency to tell you what they think the best course of action is based on your direction, objectives, and budget.

It's a marathon, not a sprint

Marketing results are always better with long-term strategies. Investing in only short-term “patchwork” strategies are often a huge waste of time and money. Forming a relationship with a medical marketing agency is only the beginning. The strength of your partnership and the efficacy of your endeavors will grow over time.

Good Agencies are Discerning

Some agencies will take anything they can get. Others will look at the size and scope of the project, the time commitment, and whether they feel it’s a good fit for their organization.Beware the agency that promises the moon on a limited budget. The fact is, agency professionals who are good at what they do are not cheap to hire. If an agency charges significantly less than others you’ve talked to, you can bet they’re getting what they pay for from their employees. And it’s likely not much.

The Process for Handling Conflicts

It’s possible you’ll encounter a few road bumps along the way. Anything from budget, to deadlines, to communication can wreak havoc on the execution of the agreed upon tasks. Be sure to find out who to contact if any issues arise, and be sure to name someone from your team to handle them in the reverse.

Agree on the Definition of Meaningful Results

Make sure the goals are clear, specific, and measurable. Do you want to receive a monthly marketing report? Let this be known at the beginning. If the goals are not clear, the results are diluted, and you’ll end of with a quarterly marketing report filled with arbitrary statistics.

Meet in Person

Before you make your decision, try to meet with members of the agency in person. It’s the best way to get an understanding of who you’ll be working with. Your marketing project will be off to an even greater start if you establish a personal connection right out of the gate.