Patient Touchpoints: A Tool for Growth

Patient touchpoints or interactions define patient-centered care. They determine the total patient experience and overall satisfaction outcomes. With the continued growth of social media, medical professionals have new tools to evaluate and effect patient output into the social sphere. 

Moreover, mastering your patient touchpoint strategy is the cornerstone of winning at the word-of-mouth game. The best part? It doesn't cost a thing. 

We put together a solid strategy for you to implement at your practice--check it out.


Prior to the visit, make sure your patients:

-Can easily find out about your practice on your website or social media

-Can schedule appointments with ease

-Have access to any forms they need to fill out in advance

-Receive an appointment reminder

-Know how to get to your office


Upon getting to the exam room, make sure your patients:

-Understand what to expect when the doctor arrives

-Feel listened to and are comfortable

-Get answers to their questions

-Know where the restroom is

-Have information about your practice or services to read or look at


During the visit, make sure your patients:

-Are greeted with a smile, eye contact, and a handshake where appropriate

-Have time to speak about why they’re there

-Do not feel rushed

-Are asked “What questions do you have?”

-Understand the process for exam, next steps, or diagnosis

-Feel you see them as separate and unique

-Receive a “thank you” for choosing your office


After the appointment, make sure your patients:

-Understand the next steps and/or care instructions

-Can make their next appointment with ease

-Know where or how they can leave a review

-Receive a phone call within a few days to check in

-Know about your special offers or promotions